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The Hero within You ...

It might be very surprising when we hear individuals in certain circumstances have accomplished things that are still marveled and considered superhuman. There is something that boils within us when we see the injustice or certain inhuman acts done in the society. The truth is that there is this capacity always within us its just that we never tap into it. Reminds me of an old tale, Once a group of frogs were off to a party on the way one frog's leg got caught in a ditch. All the friends collaborated strategically devised plan and efforts to help the frog out but was unsuccessful. Once they gave up the poor frog tried with all his might but was unable to move an inch. Then they saw something very bright approaching them and realized it is a vehicle and all of them ran to their safety leaving the miserable frog in dismay. He could hear his heart roar in agony and with all his strength he gave a mighty leap higher than ever he embraced his life a moved to safety while his friends looked in total astonishment. Stories like these are something that we have heard since ages but ever wondered what propels this capacity. Its true humans have potential even beyond ones imagination but often we let circumstance to take the better of us. Some make themselves strong and change the unfavorable ones to their favor remember personalities like Charlie Chaplin who used his funny looks to become the most hilarious and celebrated actor who is an icon of comedy.

Remember the magic is within you the power is within you all it takes is the realization, genuine efforts and the best leap to make it there just give the hero a chance to take over and you will be amazed by what happens thereafter. But everything pays off depending on the intention if the intention is bad everything dies off like a fragile spark but if they are good can give a way to a blaze of fire that ignites your pathway to victory.

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