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Who Rules You?

Shortly after the victory of the Athenians over the Persian fleet at Salamis in 480 B.C., Themistocles, the great admiral, was met on the street by a fellow citizen who hailed the victory and hero the most powerful in the world.

“You are wrong,” said Themistocles, “my little son here is the most powerful.”

Puzzled, the man asked, “How so?”

“Well,” said the admiral, “it’s like this: The Athenians rule the world, I rule the Athenians. My wife rules me. And my little boy rules his mother.”

-George Rice

Well that’s the story now who do you think rules over you is it your desire, instincts, fears, sorrow or are these qualities personified I mean is it your parents, friends, your role model who rule you. Have we enslaved ourselves to other or to material possessions can it be your mobile your computer what so ever. Do not forget as Humans we are born free and without our will nobody can rule over you not even a bad habit.

Once a young man was similarly addicted to smoking and he wanted to get rid of it and he realized that this small cigarette is taking over him and he decides to overcome this evil,what he did is really stunning he always carried a pack of cigarette and when he was caught by this urge to smoke he took out one cigarette and said “you are too small to rule over me?”

First of all we have got to recognize as individual we have immense potentials within us. Frankly speaking I never knew what I was capable off, it is circumstances and people who made me realize that, I was fortunate not all are made to realise this fact. But we got to look at our selves with pride not with pity. But this does not give us the opportunity to have a bossy self. We got to realize that we have no authority to take over others freedom either. We got to look if somebody is obliging to you because of that persons humility or because that person is credible to you. Is it with a good heart or out of mere helplessness? we never try to look at that right.

So it’s not only being ruled it is also ruling over or bossing over others.Let’s introspect ourselves and see how many people enjoy our presence. This reminds me of a Joke. Three women were boasting about their Brothers The first one said “I address my brother Reverend Father, he is a priest”. The second one spoke out “I address my brother his lordship, he is a bishop”. The third one spoke “ I don’t know what he is but when he appears we all address “My God you have come”. For those who dint follow her brother was jobless and was always drunk. So what I meant to say is do people give out a hush of disgust at our appearance or cherish our presence.Do they long to be with us or are reluctent to get rid of us?

Lets understand that we all have lot of areas to improvement a constant struggle for betterment is life. You got to strike out if it is your insecurity that is ruling over. And emerge as a powerful individual and lets also check if we are unnecessarily ruling over others freedom.

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength but by perseverance. – H.Jackson Brown

Lets persevere to emerge as individuals who compel a smile on the face of our fellow beings not a frown.

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